Event Barriers: A Critical Element of Event Security and Crowd Control

Barriers are essential in events for many reasons. They are used to ensure safety and security, to control unruly crowds, and to protect those pre- screened guests inside barriers.

Safety and security are paramount in any event. Barriers and fencing can be used to control access and movement within an event, to keep the crowd away from restricted areas, and to deter any unauthorized access. In large events, barriers can also be used to create sections for different types of audience, for example, VIPs, general admission, and press.

Crowd control is another important function of barriers. They can be used to create lanes and queues for bag screening and magnetometer checks, regulate the flow of people, and prevent overcrowding. This is especially important in large events that attract a lot of people, such as festivals and sports events. Barriers can also be used to prevent people from entering areas that are restricted access.

The following are common barriers used in large-format events: Bike rack barriers, chain link fence and anti-scale and anti-pass through fencing are commonly used at high profile, high threat events to control crowds and access to events and facilities. Concrete Jersey barriers are large, heavy barriers made of reinforced concrete. They are used to separate two or more lanes of traffic, protect pedestrians or other objects from vehicle born threats or traffic, and protect workers on the side of the road. They are also used to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas. Delta Vehicle Barriers are designed to stop vehicles from entering restricted areas. These barriers are typically made of steel and are designed to withstand the force of a vehicle hitting them at a high rate of speed. They are also designed to be lightweight, making them easy to install and move around. Hesco barriers are large, collapsible barriers made of wire mesh and filled with sand or soil. They are used to create temporary defensive walls and can be used to stop vehicles from entering restricted areas. They are also commonly used in military applications, such as to create temporary fortifications.

Creating a sense of order is also an important reason for using barriers in events. They can be used to create a visual separation between different parts of an event, for example, to separate the stage from the audience or to divide the audience into sections. Barriers can also be used to direct people to where they should go and to create a sense of organization. Overall, barriers are essential in events for many reasons. They can help to ensure safety and security, control crowds, and create a sense of order and flow. Contact Checkmate Global to ensure you have event barriers that will keep the venue safe and orderly.

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