Deployable Security Assets

Checkmate Global provides temporary deployable security assets, creating hardened perimeters designed to enforce and prevent unauthorized accesses, including slowing or mitigating vehicle borne threats and the transfer of weapons to individuals who have already gone through security checkpoints. These assets create barriers to create standoff to protestors and safe vehicle and personnel checkpoints. We also design and provide robust access control programs and cutting edge surveillance and threat detection systems with data analytics.

Why are these assets important to you and your organization? In this day and age with a growing threat matrix due to “Lone Wolf” individuals and homegrown terrorism, measures must be taken to ensure a safe environment for all.

  • Magnetometers
  • Access Control Systems
  • Anti-scale Fencing
  • Bike Rack
  • Climate Control Solutions
  • Mobile Command Post
  • Concrete Jersey Barrier
  • Delta Vehicle Barrier
  • Hesco Barrier
  • Golf Carts/Gators
  • Light Towers
  • Line of Sight Countermeasures
  • Mobile Power Generation
  • Portable Bathrooms
  • Tenting (Motorcade, Magnetometer, etc)
  • Traffic Control

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