Deployable Security Assets: We Maintain the Balance

Checkmate Global - Deploying security Assets

Event planners, we take zero pleasure in informing you of the obvious….it’s a dangerous time in a dangerous world. Whether you are planning a public or private event, large or small scale, danger lurks out there. But that danger can be mitigated by what we call in our industry “hardening” your event.

By “hardening” we don’t mean building 10-foot concrete walls around your event. We’re talking about injecting physical presences that make bad guys look elsewhere. That is elsewhere where security is an afterthought. We refuse to allow our client to be soft targets. The foundation of physically securing your event is via contract deployable perimeter security services. Our service is not only to deter criminals but to also ensure that only your intended and invited audience gains access to the event.

We believe that in any organization the success of an event generates a lot of return of investments for planners, organizations and venues. There is always the risk of something going seriously wrong in any organization or event. It is the reason why it is necessary to deploy security assets in the entire venue to ensure safety and protect the venue entrance, the assets and of course the occasional unruly guest. Nowadays with the ongoing threats that is happening around the world from terrorist, militant groups, radicalized individuals, random shooting and many others, deploying of security assets is critical to a successful event regardless of its nature. In the recent happenings, heightened security concerns will be the priority factor to be considered in any event organization.

Deploying security in any event is the first thing that comes to mind for physical safety reasons. It involves taking care of the physical aspects of security like conducting gate security checks using screening devices, posting security officers at the entrance, securing the facilities themselves against all forms of threats. Ultimately, with a solid security plan in the venue will outline clearly and comprehensively what needs to be done, when and by whom.

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