Checkmate Global provides training and consulting services that include threat and risk assessments for events, businesses, organizations, and critical infrastructure. We develop Emergency Action and Evacuation plans and training for employees and organizations designed to prevent and mitigate workplace violence and active shooter situations.

Additionally our seasoned experts can provide background investigations for pre-employment, plans and oversee executive and high net worth concierge and logistics services.

Risk Assessment Surveys

Our team will identify the vulnerabilities and hazards associated with your event or business and design a program to mitigate the risks to personnel and critical infrastructure.

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Seminars

Our Checkmate Global ALICE Certified Instructors will teach you how to identify, prevent, mitigate, and de-escalate workplace violence and active shooter scenarios through custom tailored programs.

Event Site Security Surveys and Threat Assessments

Our experts have planned and executed security plans for a wide variety of events worldwide. We possess the knowledge and expertise to identify threat matrix, and design plans to ensure that your event, guests, and venue are safe and secure.

Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Plans

“A failure to plan is a plan for failure.” Let the Checkmate Global team develop contingency and evacuation plans to ensure your personnel and guests can get out of harm’s way.

High Net Worth or At-Risk Individuals and Logistics Support

Our team of professionals have traveled extensively worldwide and can provide your high net worth/at-risk  individual and their family, a seamless and expertly coordinated travel experience including car and driver, pre-check in a hotels, surveys and site assessments of events and venues, logistics coordination, immigration and customs expediting, baggage coordination and control, aircraft charter and flight services, and general oversight of security and safety.